DoPadel – #nextlevelrackets 

Our ambition is to make the best rackets on the market in terms of quality, design, durability. But above all our goal is that the feeling when you hold a DoPadel racket on the court, should be just “Wow”. We mix innovation with ultrapremium materials and our rackets are always handmade in Spain and designed in Sweden.

We strive for lightweight, easy-to-maneuver rackets that makes you a better player while developing your game! 

Our best-selling line has a unique rubber surface that gives you a fantastic feel, reduces vibrations and increases grip on the ball during play. 

In addition to this, we are releasing several innovative updates during 2023 on our rackets to continue our quest to be the industryleader in the development of padelrackets! 

Try DoPadel and feel the passion!