DoPadel Castor PRO

Discover the elegance of the CASTOR PRO racket, with its Teardrop shape that’s designed to enhance your performance on the court.


350-365 grams

Balance Medium 26-27 CM

Pro Core, Hardness 32

3 K Lightweight Aston Martin Carbon Fiber

Kevlar Hybrid Frame

kr 3,495.00 inkl moms

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Superior Series: A tribute to craftsmanship and gameplay

The goal of the Superior Series was to create a range of rackets that excel not only in gameplay but also in craftsmanship. This series is a masterpiece of skill and precision, handcrafted in Barcelona. Each model in the series – Pollux, Castor, Castor Pro, and Stellar – is uniquely designed to cater to different playing styles, from round to teardrop and a combination of diamond and teardrop.

The reception of the Superior Series has been overwhelming. Players and experts worldwide have hailed it as one of the top 3 best racket series ever made. It is a testament to our vision: to combine unrivaled gameplay with exceptional craftsmanship.

Stellar – The most offensive racket in the series is Stellar, which, with its Hybrid shape of Diamond and Teardrop, will give offensive players an extra advantage. At the same time, we maintain a lightweight racket with a lot of feel.

Precision Craftsmanship

With a well-balanced medium weight and a balance point of 26-27 cm, this racket strikes the perfect balance. It weighs between 350-365 grams, making it the obvious choice for players striving for precision and control in every shot.

Pro-Core Technology

At the heart of the Castor Pro racket lies the new Pro-Core technology, which enhances the racket’s durability and feel. This stiffer core provides a racket with great power, a large sweetspot, and minimal trampolining.

Built for Durability

The racket is made of Superlightweight 3K carbon fiber, same as choosen in Aston Maritin F1 cars.
Known for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties. To further enhance its durability, the racket includes a Kevlar frame. This combination of materials ensures that your Castor Pro is built to withstand the toughest matches.

Key Features:

Shape: Teardrop

Weight: 350-365 grams

Balance: Medium, 26-27 cm

Core: PRO Core, Hardness 32

Frame: 3K Lightweight Carbon Fiber

Reinforcement: Kevlar Hybrid frame


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