Sometimes it takes a while to find the gold!
This new friend will give you advantages in the offensive.

Speed: 10
Control: 7
Firmness: 9


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We are very pleased to be able to present Gemini, Gemini is DoPadel’s new attack weapon for 2022!

After lots of refinements, tests and conversations, we found the right shape, balance and power for how we wanted Gemini.

With a completely new unique mix in the core, we have with Gemini created a racket that will deliver all through. You will get a stiff hit with lots of underlying potential for smashes and being able to kick out the ball. Control and agility will always be key words in our racks and so here too, but add a 24K carbon fiber to the surface and a medium-high balance and you have a rack here that will clearly give you offensive advantages.

Form: Drop/hybrid
Surface: 24K
Tubular: Kevlar & carbon fiber
Core: SPECIAL DUAL CORE EVA. Blue hard / Foam soft white.
Player: Attack / Advanced
Weight: 350-370 gram
Profile: 38mm
Balance: Medium


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