DoPadel Two Pre-Order

TWO, a racket for the pros or for those who want to play like one. Even stiffer and more confident than its cousin, ONE. Do you need Speed? Power? Control?  This racket has it all so this is the way TWO go!

Speed 9, 5

Control 7

Corefirmness 9

Balance Medium to High (26-26,5 cm)

Delivery week 32 and 33.


kr 3,995.00 inkl moms

“Take your padel game to new heights with the DoPadel TWO – a limited edition of only 50 rackets. Get ready to elevate your performance and leave your opponents in awe! 

Featuring 19 standard holes and 27 strategically drilled halfway through, this racket is designed to enhance stability, feel, and speed. This unique hole pattern not only adds a touch of sophistication to the racket’s design but also improves your overall gameplay.

The DoPadel TWO offers superior stability, allowing you to deliver powerful shots with precision and accuracy. The carefully crafted hole distribution maximizes the racket’s sweet spot, giving you an exceptional feel while striking the ball. Experience the added speed and control as you effortlessly maneuver around the court, leaving your opponents trailing behind.

With a high-quality construction using 15k carbon fiber with basalt, this racket delivers unmatched performance and durability. Its Swedish design and unique hole configuration make it a true masterpiece on the court.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on one of only 50 limited edition DoPadel TWO rackets.

Elevate your game, experience superior stability, and unleash your full potential with the DoPadel TWO. Get ready to achieve greatness!”


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