Proud announcement about our new collaboration with amazing Therese Persson. Together with BOW19 we are glad to be able to partner up with Therese in her career within the great game of padel.

“Therese is an extraordinary spokes person for the sport and its community in general and her passion for the future of the sport is something out of the ordinary.i” says Victor Apelgren, CEO at DoPadel.

Therese was born in the city of Helsingborg in 1995. She has an incredible sports career in freestyle wrestling with merits like European Champion, several gold medals in the Swedish National Championships, a dussin of international medals and last but not least a silver medal in the World Championships.

Therese stumbled in to padel after ending her wrestling career in 2019 and has since then falling in love with the sport and everything around it. Therese is deeply involved in the padel industry in Sweden and is working as project manager and with sponsorships within the sport. She is also involved as the chairman in Spritans Padel Association in Helsingborg.

“I beleive that the sport of padel needs an 100% engagement from local associations around Sweden to be able to grow. The search for the next generations top players start with the young enthusiasts ” says Therese.


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