vale, so let us tell you about our academy and our people

On your left you (don’t only see a strong backhand), but also our head coach, Octavio Santana. He is our head coach for our academy. Octavio runs his own academy and Padel center South of Alicante and has over 25 years of experience from educating within sports. Today he is the head coach for several of our Swedish national team players and manage the Austrian national Padel team. He is also one of the trainers that European Padel Associations (EPA) has chosen as responsible to educate even more trainers in Europe. Octavios training program is well known all over Europe and is called Padeltrainer Academy.

Ocatavio Santana

Our head coach for all our academy levels 1-3.

We will primarily train coaches who can instruct in an inspirational way. After finishing their course they will be coaching in a pedagogically, technology, tactics and strategy. We teach in three different levels. Level 1 is focusing on beginner and children, where we take it from learning how to handle the racket to feel comfortable getting the ball over the net. Level 2 is for more mid and advanced players and to apply for level 3 you need to spend at least 1000 hours on the court and after this level 3 course you will be elite instructor for the best players.

Throughout all these 3 levels the level of the education is consistently high with great demands on both educators as well as attendance and commitment. The education is adapted so that about 75% are together on the court and 25% on theoretical teaching. We believe that as much time together on the court makes us better with all the exchange of experience between the coaches when it meets is one of the most important parts of their development.